Access and Equity Committee

Florida International University aims to provide every member of its community with equal access to all its programs. The Office of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Access (formerly Equal Opportunity Programs and Diversity) assists with achieving this goal by coordinating the University Access and Equity Committee (A&E). Committee members are appointed by the president and are charged with monitoring the implementation of the University’s Affirmative Action Plan as well as making insightful recommendations for improvement.

The University Access and Equity Committee is comprised of FIU faculty, administrators, and staff from the Modesto A. Maidique, Biscayne Bay, and Pines Center campuses. Its members are men and women, some of whom may have a disability, who reflect the racial and ethnic diversity of the University community. Representatives from Academic Affairs, Human Resources, and Planning and Institutional Effectiveness serve as ex-officio members of the committee. Additionally, some subcommittees include representation of administrators, students, and faculty who, while not official members of the Committee, assist in their areas of interest and expertise.


Disabled Students and Employee Access
Addresses issues that affect persons with disabilities and works to enhance access by such persons to all University programs and services. The subcommittee monitors the University’s buildings, parking lots, walkways, equipment, etc. to ensure that we are in compliance with legal standards for access for persons with disabilities, and provides input to the University administration regarding needs for modification to the physical facilities and/or policies and procedures. It also identifies access and safety issues, and makes recommendations to appropriate administrative units. The subcommittee also promotes Disability Awareness Week.

Diversity Advisory
The DAC recommends policies and activities that will raise the consciousness of all employees about the value of diversity in everyday educational and work settings. Provides a forum for campus constituents to discuss and promote diversity-related issues. Subcommittee members will provide Equal Opportunity Programs and Diversity with input and guidance on diversity issues and with feedback on proposed or ongoing projects and initiatives.

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, & Allies (GLBTA)
Works on issues affecting the gay, lesbian, and transgender community at the University. In 1900-91, the University Task Force on Equal Rights was incorporated into the University Affirmative Action Committee as the Gay and Lesbian Rights Subcommittee. The subcommittee has as its primary objectives the expansion of the University nondiscrimination policy to include sexual orientation as a covered class, and to improve the campus climate for gay and lesbian students, faculty and staff.

Minority & Female Student Study Climate
Address issues of concern to minority and female students, to ensure that the campus climate and the provision of services are found to be equitable for these protected groups.

Quality of Life & Work
Examines quality of life issues and assesses the perceptions of the university climate in a range of areas. Activities may include the gathering of data regarding workplace satisfaction and quality of work life, perceptions of institutional and individual sensitivity, study of faculty tenure and promotion, salary and other related issues.

Title IX & Gender Equity
Monitors the athletic department’s compliance with Title IX and NCAA gender equity requirements including adherence to the goals established as part of the University’s athletic equity plan. Review the programmatic and fiscal activities of Intercollegiate athletics to ensure gender equity in all athletic activities.

Access and Equity Committee

  • Dawn Addy
  • Charles Andrews
  • Jesus Arias
  • Consuelo Boronat
  • Cheryl Brewster
  • Charmaine Defrancesco
  • Alberto Delgado
  • Lori Driver
  • Elizabeth Greb
  • Cecile Houry
  • Diana Little
  • Marilys Randolph
  • Jose Rodriguez
  • Ernest Simms
  • Janice Givens
  • Linda Bunton
  • Beverly Trott
  • Joan Wynne
  • William Youngblut
  • Hassan Zahedi
  • Judith Bernier

President’s Access & Equity Award recipients 

The President’s Access & Equity Award is presented to a full-time employee who demonstrated efforts exceeding their mandated job responsibilities to support the goals and objectives of diversity and inclusion. 

Jaime Canaves, Chimene Graham, Jainendra Navlaka, Joyce Peterson, Ana Roca

Information not available

Whitt Hollis

Gustavo Roig & Gisela Vega

Glenda “Rusty” Belote

Greg Wilkins

Ivelaw Griffith

Marvin Dunn

Dawn Addy

Diann Newman

Information Not Available

Jeffery Knapp

Zachary Trautenberg

Krishnaswamy Jayachandran

Courtenay McClain

Suzanna Rose

Elizabeth D. Cramer

Yesim Darici

Cheryl Brewster & Amanda Niguidula

Gisela Vega

Diversity Week 2020 Committee

  • Shirlyon McWhorter IDEA
  • Christopher Chamorro IDEA
  • Janice Givens MPAS
  • Phyllis Kotey College of Law 
  • Giselle Heraux HR Relations
  • Connie Caldwell Sustainability
  • Nathan Burandt PAWS
  • Travis Dozier VMA
  • Luis Restrepo VMA
  • Cyrus Caines, VMA
  • Cinthya Silva-Cruz AWED
  • Yesenis Garcia DRC
  • Amy Miller Center for Leadership 
  • Diana Arcentales FIU at I-75
  • Melissa Castriota FIU at I-75
  • Nashira Williams Women’s Center
  • Sendi Brewster Women’s Center
  • Jessie Abouarab CWGS
  • Marsha Stevens HWCOM
  • Peace Nwagbo HWCOM
  • Enrique Rosell Honors College 
  • Erica Friedman LGBTQA Initiatives 
  • Dennis Wiedman Global Indigenous Forum
  • Trina Fletcher CD-SSEC