Employee Resource Groups


ERGs will serve as a support system within the FIU community to foster awareness, respect, and inclusion within the workplace. Moreover, ERGs will support the mission of the Office of Equal Opportunity Programs and Diversity by promoting a diverse workplace, maintaining a culture of inclusion where employees can thrive, value and encourage different perspectives, styles, thoughts and ideas.

ERG Goals:

  • Help create a more inclusive work environment
  • Provide a collective voice around shared issues or concerns
  • Promote a respectful workplace
  • Promote internal and external diversity initiatives
  • Aid in the talent management of employees including recruitment, retention and engagement
  • Fostering internal talent initiatives by strengthening diversity recruitment and retention efforts
  • Provide opportunities for diversity education to FIU campus community and community at large

Benefits to Employees:

  • Networking
  • Mentorship
  • Impacting University policies and procedures

Starting an Employee Resource Group

  1. Create a mission statement.
  2. Define your goals and develop a plan and timeline for how to achieve these goals.
  3. Develop a structure for your group.
  4. Reach out to other employees that would like to form your employee resource group.
  5. Officially formed and recognized ERGs are supported by the Office of Equal Opportunity Programs and Diversity.

Open Membership Required: Each recognized ERG must be open to any and all members of the FIU community, including full-time and part-time employees, regardless of all attributes that make each person unique, and cannot exclude non-members from its activities.

We currently have the following Employee Resource Groups:

  • Veterans
  • Black Employees
  • Young Professionals
  • Individuals with Disabilities
  • Women

Please contact the Office of Equal Opportunity Programs and Diversity at (305) 348-2785 for more information