Awards and Scholarships

The Office of Equal Opportunity Programs and Diversity aims to create an inclusive and diverse campus/community. We support this portion of our mission by offering financial awards specifically designed for employees and minority students. EOPD oversees the administering of 3 scholarship programs:


The Delores Auzenne Fellowship is awarded to minority graduate students who are pursuing graduate degrees in disciplines where minorities are underrepresented;

The Grant-in-Aid Program enables Florida International University employees to take a leave of absence to pursue higher a degree. This grant provides their department with funding for hiring temporary employees to fulfill their duties while they are on leave.

The Minority Community College Transfer Scholarship is designed for students who are transferring from a community college and would have completed their Associate’s degree between January – August of the application year.


President’s Access & Equity Award is presented annually as part of the University’s Recognition Awards Program. The award solicits nominations of individuals who demonstrate a commitment to Affirmative Action “above and beyond” what their job description specifies. Recipients of the Access & Equity Award are persons whose actions positively impact racial or other minority group members, women, and/or persons with disabilities by making the University a more welcoming and/or supportive environment. Faculty, administrators, and staff are all eligible for nomination.

Awardee Testimonials